Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to be a Silent Assassin...

"He who speaks first, loses." - anonymous

In other words, stop thinking and talking so much before you act.  Now, it is true and WISE to think before you speak, but oftentimes people still speak too soon.   I have been often told that I need to SHUT UP, listen, and then respond.   It is so true.  In order to be powerful in this world, you must know when is the appropriate time to speak, and even if it is you who should be doing the speaking (maybe have someone else negotiate on your behalf) - and when you are done waiting for the right time to speak, you must be FIERCE. 

Now, some of you are probably wondering what in the haaaayle is a silent assassin. For those who are wondering, here's the answer --> it is knowing when the right time to strike has come upon you.  This does not mean that  you must be mean, intimidating, or a jerk; however, when you speak and present yourself to others, you should always be sure to do your best to positively and honestly represent yourself.  A lot of people tell me that I can be outgoing and loud, but when I am quiet and peaceful, that is when you must WATCH OUT.  I do not let everyone know what I am thinking or what I am about to do, and then I just surprise people and come from another end.  It is NOT being tricky! It is about learning how to TRUST and CARE for the right people, and knowing how to handle yourself in all situations.  I am by NO means there, but I am getting there.  But I definitely have a couple of kills in my past *wink wink*  Ya dig?  


  1. The Silent one is always the crazy one, lol. Oh but wait, this makes me crazy too....ah well.

  2. I definitely have my moments in being a Silent Assassin, where I wait in the background and observe everything going on. Waiting for my time to pounce with the quick silent Ninja kill!!