Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I smell a Buckeye - my OState baby boo followin me!?! Ok, we gon have some GOOD FOOTBALL DISCUSSIONS NOW!  pssssssshhhtttt

Y'all aint sh!t

Ummm...people, stop telling me you looked at my blog ppleeeeassee, and comment and follow me!!! ha haha....terrible smh terrible  ha haha love y'all

Side note:  When did  rompers come back in style...apparently, I can wear this outfit today!?!?  hmmmm...let's discuss!

I been gone for a minute...but I'm back wit the flex

Ever have a weekend that just made you think about life and the people in it?  anyway...This past weekend was pretty awesome college football-wise (hmmm...) --> Michigan, we smashed ( uh oh! poor choice of words perhaps...) but yeah, Michigan handled it.  Sorry Ark - Bama got ya'll.   A colleague of mine and I were talkin about Michigan's QB DRob...how y'all think he would do in the NFL?  He's a lil dude, I dunno...perhaps they'd switch him to CB...I dunno - my pops and I are prob gonna argue about that soon ---> any thoughts?  How bout the Bears tho--> Ok, I see y'all handlin some business.   Anyway...seems like I am writing to myself these days...f*ck it...anybody there???!?!?!? 

As y'all (me) saw earlier, I had some family in town this past weekend...my sister Kryssy-tina - we had a good ol time - nails did hair did fancy fancy...too bad her broke self came down with $16.  ha ahha my sister is too cute - I love how she says to me "Sooo, I got good news and bad news...the good news is I got $16 dollars with me...the bad news is I ONNLYYY got $16 with me." *boo boo face*  Oh so now I got a job, she just thinks I'm growin money n diamonds in my backyard?! hahaha, love her - I was so sad to see her leave, but cannot wait to see her again.  And why is my mama so excited about her iphone 4 - she has called me a good 39 times, and every time she cracks UP when she sees my face, it's so cute.

And my daddy - it is hilarious to me how he talks to me like I am a GROWN A** MAN (more posts to come about him soon - y'all aint ready yet) --> I will be on the phone with my daddy and when I'm ending the conversation, he'll say "aight man...."  uummmm what??!?! hahaha hilarious...

I'm just rambling...I am tired...I'll holla tomorrow or later tonight...who knows, gotta do some work and marinate.  Yeah, marinate.  Deuces.  LIVE LOVE LAUGH...or make sh!t up...

Friday, September 24, 2010

Quick Family Time

Got the younger sister in town whom I love dearly.  She brought her two friends with her who for ALL purposes, I am going to call Becky and Susan.   They asked that I blog about them...so, here it is...sweet girls they are, nice ladies...um, I guess when they do something of interest, I'll let y'all know.  My sister and I slept in the same bed together, and I felt her dry crusty foot on my leg this morning and she took all my covers!!!!  Woke up with one of her friends staring at us...that's all I got for now.

HAIR...do ya love it?

Curly or straight?  My hair stylist BEGGED me NOT to walk out the salon like this -- > lady, I truly do not give a f*ck.   Then, another woman proceeded to come over and give me some advertisement sch-peal (how you spell that?) on this new carotene conditioning treatment I should do to my hair to make it more manageable and softer.  They were so sweet about it, but really, I was/am annoyed with people trying to get me to do something to change the texture of my hair!  It is manageable, to me. 

I have been getting a lot of comments on my hair because it is BONE straight --> thank you, thank you, I do appreciate the comments.  But it is interesting to me, how I get more comments on my hair when it is straight (from people of all races), than when it is curly.   Who else has gone through this?   It has taken me YEAARRRSS to be comfortable with my hair both ways and to be able to appropriately manage my hair without feeling like I have to straighten it all the damn time....I...I...well, before I comment further, I want to see what you all have to say.   :-)  Peace.

Let's talk a little football...

Good Morning!!!!  

I dunno who in the hecks thought Pitt was gonna win last night, but bless you alls' hearts. 

Now, I am a Big Ten girl...GO BLUE!!!!   Who, we play, Bowling Green (nuff said).  Spartans, y'all can pick up some rocks, throw em on the ground, and kick em (he he he, sike naw).  Spartans got N Colorado --> I feel an Appalachian State moment may occur (pause and think about it). haha, naw I hope the Spartans make something happen with their season this year, cuz once bball starts, I'm going to be all over that (and Michigan's bball team...smh...anyway). 

SEC fans?   ACC?   I am also a big SEC fan, so I'm pretty excited bout this Bama/Ark game on Saturday...shoot, that's tomorrow smh I'm trippin.  Now, I'm not the biggest advocate of people describing these football players and athletes as animals or work horses, but Bama - they are a bunch of beasts - they're strong on offense and their defense may make a mf bleed (SMH...whew!)...Ark - after what they did to them Bulldogs - they gon put on a good show and may give Bama a tough time.  My thoughts (cuz I'm tired and don't feel like going into great detail) --> it better be a good game cuz I will be bloggin n sh!t afterwards, talk all the sh!t I always talk!   Anyway...Ark has been consistent over the yeras.   All I know is, in this little pool I'm in, I'm sick n TIRED of bein at the bottom of the standings - sh!t...I ain't a sore loser, but can I live?  Dang...I'm tryna (smackin my hands together) make this moonney...anyway, who you all got this weekend, and let's work this the HAYLE on out!  I'm sleepy - deuces. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Maaaan I hate it when people take pictures, say they'll send em, and never do....that's just ignorant and (look above)...I got nothin else. That just pissed me off right fast.

WHY I started this blog...

I don't know :P....sike. 

Sometime ago, I decided that I want to start my own legacy...I want people to remember me for certain things in their lives - for bringing joy, laughter, knowledge...heck, just a smile in another person's life will suffice for me. It is not vain of me to want such things; it is just that, when I see another person happy, it is a good feeling. Moving on, I have been telling myself that it is important for people my age to document their lives and the people in it. I want to write a book eventually...however, how do I know that what I want to say, other people will want to know or read about? Ya know what, we cannot think like that !! Oftentimes, writing has nothing to do with others- it is cathartic for the writer! On the other hand, I must go back to bringing kindness and happiness to others....but really, I don't care. Hehe....naw, I do.

So, I am doing this blog because I want to get all my thoughts and ideas out, and engage in conversation with others. Crazy, fun, serious...allll dat and more! And, I hope this will be a starting point for my book...and my legacy....HELP?!!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't believe I even thought about that this weekend....

SMH...so tonight, I am just going to jump into it...tomorrow, I will give yall a background of why I decided to start this blog. 
BUT RIGHT NOW, this sh!t right here...I am ashamed to admit that I had one legit thought this weekend, and another semi-ignorant one. 

One) My legit thought was - "I can't stand females that act like they like sports, but really don't!"  Ignorant thought - "I am glad I have good hair."  Now, the legit thought started when I was talkin to this girl at work about the football pool goin on at work - I was goin hard about Michigan's new QB (handle it D Rob, handle it) - and she starts namin dudes' names.  Um, H0e, I mean, girl, (pause and reflect), I aint talkin about dudes- I am tryin to talk football - (pause)...hayle naw... --Any thoughts about these types of women?   Also, GO BLUE!  and did MSU really beat ND?  Well, dayum - bless their hearts, that's why he had a heart attack aint it?  Ohhhh it all makes sense...hahaha I aint sh!t for sayin that. 

Two) My ignorant thought --> so I had to get my hair done this weekend...blah blah blah...and as my stylist finished my hair, I looked in the mirror and thought about how much I like my hair.  I mean, its texture, the way it flows --> Is that bad?  Any thoughts?  Let's discuss, and we can all work this the hell on out.  Deuces.