Friday, October 22, 2010


The NFL is trying to crack down on what it calls "hard hits" in the league - over the past weekend, a few guys were concussed (knocked the hell out) during the game -- one hit even reminded a sports announcer of a hit that paralzyed a player some years ago.  I'm wondering what you all think about the League's decisions to suspend and or take money from players for hard flagrant the money not an issue?  Will it change the game - guys won't know how to play anymore, worrying about accidentally hitting a dude too hard? thoughts are this:  what if a guy is running at someone full speed, and the other guy, within a second, moves -- the guy didn't intend to hit him in the head, just the shoulder, but instead knocks him out.  My point is, this is tricky -- the League must very carefully and strategically regulate player on-field conduct, without changing the true nature of the game.   Hmmm...just thinking.......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Relax...and chill

Not much to talk about now...went to West Virginia this past is a beautiful place with mountains and rivers and such...had a really nice time.  Sometimes it is nice to just get away from where you live and work, and spend time with others and just...CHILL...without lookin at your cell phone every 10 know, walk the dog, eat some catfish... :) and have fun...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Is he/she desperate, BOLD, or just interested?

I must share this experience...SO, some clown fool from my gym decided it'd be cool to go into MY FILE, get MY NUMBER, and call me at 8:41pm last night....smDh.  He had the nerve to act like he was callin to see how my work outs are goin, and then proceeded to say "I know this is inappropriate, but..." and then proceeded to ask me out and try to talk to, sir, have you lost your mind! It was completely unprofessional and inappropriate.

Lessons to be learned from this:
(1) Ladies, if a dude calls you (men, if a lady calls you) and says he KNOWS it is inappropriate and wrong, but does the shit anyway, he/she is not workin wit all his brain cells.  All I'm sayin is this: to me, most people are crazy until proven otherwise. 
(2)  Ladies, if a man gets your number NOT from you and calls you up to try and get at you, chances are he is trying to find out (a) if you a hoe, (b) if you a freak, (c) what kind of girl you are (my daddy agrees).  Hell, maybe you should just be flattered and keep it moving -- keep it moving and keep ya eyes open.  Because, generally, once a person (man, woman) knows he/she can do WHATEVER wit yo ass, he...or gon' keep on doin' it, flat out.   

Now, I do believe that some men are genuine and you can be flattered that he went to great lengths to contact you ---BUT if the man knows he is going to be seeing you again soon (which this fool knew he would in my gym) and still calls you late at night, then he can kick rocks.   Why would you want to deal with a man/girl who just thinks they can get your number and call you up like you any ol'body...probably runnin' behind you like "oh yeah, I just looked her up and called her and she was ready."  FUK outta here........ladies, respect yourselves, please.   Don't fall for this foolishness.  MEN, don't fall for it either.   Women are just as tricky...and crazy.   This is like a chick sayin to you "oh yeah, I messed wit ya boy but please, wife me up."  Yeah, I said it. 

So, in closing...ACTION TO BE TAKEN:  Let these folks know what time it is, be polite, and be firm.  Because somewhere along the line, people will try you (and that is not necessarily any reflection of what type of person you are), BUT how you handle the situation IS a reflection of how and what type of person you are.  


"My way of joking is to tell the truth. That's the funniest joke in the world." ~ Muhammad Ali

Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Work Out Tips

WARNING: I am NOT an expert; however, I have worked at gyms, played sports, and learned some thangs over the years - these are just my opinions though...they just all happen to be right (grin). 

So, I am learning that I really do not like gyms where I've trained that just do the same thing over and over again - you gotta add variety and get classes in that focus also on agility and keepin ya heart rate up - do some sprints.  If I see one more girl on one of those eliptical things, I'll scream...haha.  I just started up boxing again and love it...sprints, suicides, up-downs...push-ups in between drills and a crazy ab work out - I love it also because the trainer does not go easy on any of us, but he also teaches.   Anyway, point is - if you want a good work that will give you results, give you tone, and also be fun at the same time - find a place that focuses on more athletic work outs, with agility and speed training, and that also has a gym for the more traditional work outs (weights, treadmills, etc.).   Unfortunately...or hell, maybe fortunately...ladies, these atmospheres are mostly male-dominated, but do not be intimidated.   But shoot, let's face it, that's a good break sometimes...'cause frankly, females get on my damn nerves sometimes.  Admit it, ladies...anyway...that's all.  Deuces. :-)

"My way of joking is to tell the truth. That's the funniest joke in the world." ~ Muhammad Ali

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I almost threw up...

Alright...sigh, pause, rollin my eyes..........Michigan lost...

I dunno what it is (long space was intentional) about this game but...that kinda hurt me.  Was in 3 picks Denard?  Say it ain't so!?!?!?  I mean, it was BOUND to happen, I know, I hear y'all but dang...I respect MSU tho, but damn...smh...damn.   Naw, forget respect....psssssshhhhtttt....   And Bama lost too?  I was surprised but not surprised, seeing as how SCarolina recruits WRs 6'5" and above...smh...what a hell of a weekend.  And shout out to my other UofM down south - y'all took a hard hit last night, sorry.   I'm out man...deuces. 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was watching NFL Total Access the other night and they were discussing a recent incident with an NFL player who was charged with drunk driving.   I thought one man made a very good point when he said: "There are some football players who love the game and love what they bring to the game; and there are others who love what football brings to them."  Well, the later portion of the comment is some selfish ass mess.  I think this is a good point. 

However, it is also interesting how the media acts a hot damn fool when a Black athlete or celebrity messes up- Tim Allen from Home Improvement was in prison for YEARS before he had his show (what up doe Detroit?) and ain't nobody said BOO about that --> Mike Vick (I am NOT condoning his behavior) messed up and people acted like he was the anti-Christ.  No one cared to look into his background and see how he was raised and learn that dog-fighting was a huge part of the culture within which he grew up.  I dunno, I'm just talkin...maybe my ideas are falsely-led...mmmmhmm....any thoughts?

Stop hatin on my scrunchie, biiiiiitch

Ok, I see mfs got JOKES about me rockin the scrunchie on my wrist in my "why so mad" video.  First of all, pound sand.  haha...second of all! Scrunchies are good for your hair because they don't pull at it or potentially rip any of it out!!!  And ya know, gotta keep the hair game on point.  So blah blah blah, I don't see nobody, I don't see nobody -- LIGHTS OUT!!!!


Is it just me, or is Beth on "Dog the Bounty Hunter" a baaaadddd lady --> she just rocks the heels while she's chasin felons and runnin around in dirt, with her long pink nails --> love it.  haha...random, I know.  Do I care?  Not at all.  Hehe


I encourage you all to give back as much as you can - especially if you are a minority.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being a part of a golf tournament to raise money for the Leukemia Society.  Granted, I was about ___ this close to bein mad I had to PAY money to participate, during the event and especially after meeting the family of the person who the tournment was in honor of, I was happy.  It touched my heart to be able to do something for an amazing cause.  I don't know, I just wanted to quickly write about this.  Especially younger African-Americans who are in school or just entering their professional careers, it is important and crucial that you talk to youth and encourage them to pursue their dreams at all costs - all you gotta do is ask for help, and someone will do what they can.  I was talking to a 19 year old today and he was so excited about going to law school, but then sounded discouraged when he learned about how much it costs and other possible barriers.  I said boy, you better ask for some money and stalk some people and let em know you wanna get into that school.   Everything happens for a reason - make shit happen.   I hope he listened...


Last time my shoes weren't tied, I busted my assssssssssssss on some concrete and bit the curb.   And this man D Robinson is runnin, what, 76 yards for the TD?   Game recognize game - that's G.  Triple OG status.

Monday, October 4, 2010


Did my daddy just call me a hoe?

My daddy is a very crazy and blunt man - he swears that if a person does not get an education past highschool, they will for sure work at Burger King forever.  Smh...I remember the first time I colored my hair, put some brown and blonde highlights in it - this fool went IN on me.  "Oh ok, you wanna look like Lil Kim now?  You just gonna walk around campus lookin like these other hoes?"   Damn daddy...haha...he also told me that I gotta "pay the costs to be the boss" whenever I whined about anything going "hard" in my life...ANYTHING that comes too easy to a person is not going to be as sweet to enjoy as something you gotta work hard at to obtain.   He told me, "I meah sh!t Nicole, if all this came easy to everyone, everyone would be doing it!  But they're not...they're not in law school, they're not.  You gotta play hard to be with the elite.  This ain't a game.  Life is not a fun game.  You gotta take the punches and dish em back."  

He also taught me about the power to separate crazy people from those who think straight.  "Come on girl, you know when something doesn't sound right, it probably isn't."   The point is, a lot of people choose to ignore the obvious that is right in front of their face.  It's important to know how to pick out good character and people so you don't end up in bad takes time, it's a true skill to be learned.  

MICHIGAN QBs go head to head!

I love it...Chad Henne and Tom Brady against eachother tonight.  GO BLUE, we produce winners!  F*ck what ya heard....


Naw naw, this is not going to be about men and relationships and all that mess...I want to discuss Mike Vick.  I am sure many of you have seen how he is doing well in Philly, and perhaps his recent interview with his old coach Jim Mora --> do you think he is now a changed man?  Just food for thought...


Weekend is over - time to get at some college football.  Seriously, I'm kind of mad at Michigan's defense right now, but you know what, it does feel damn good to see Michigan in the headlines again and on the main screen on

We got MSU this weekend and they are lookin pretty good, even in the absence of their coach (hope he does get well soon - he was just released from the hospital).  So, with that said, MSU's offense against our defense could present a problem!!!!  Step it up Michgan - we are a hard-hitting and tackling power house.  Don't embarass all the people who just spent millions on that beautiful stadium!!! KEEP IT UP AND LET'S GET IT...cause I will act a plum coon fool if we lose to MSU on some dummy mess.  Love Michigan, let's go!