Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sometimes what's best for us terrifies us the most...

I have always felt this, but I have felt it the most lately. Most of us don't realize this when it happens and it is time to: you know what keeps most people from being great and reaching their full potential? THEMSELVES. I know this seems so obvious and clear, and most of us know we are not lazy and are hard workers, but this is something that subconsciously happens to us all. I am realizing this now, and am still struggling on how to get past it...there is so much I wanna do with my life and I have all these conflicting emotions. I feel like time is running out and that I don't know what are the best decisions for me. But you know what? No matter how long I do or don't sit on my butt thinking about all this, time goes on no matter what. It is time for action.......I'm going in, who is with me!? It is time for us to be great y'all! Peace n love.  Deuces.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Switching gears

Lately, I have really been thinking about what I want the theme of my blog to be. We have talked a Lot about football and other stuff here and there. Maybe I should just go by what's important in the season? It is football season, so it's only appropriate to discuss those issues, and I went to a Big Ten college! Duh! And a lot of people enjoy sports, especially my pops whom I love shit-talking about sports legal issues with...anyway... I will soon be tweaking the site to focus on more specific topics, topics I believe I can give much insight about...that's all! Bye.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Big Ten v. SEC

Am I the only one a bit excited and looking forward to the upcoming bowl game match ups between SEC teams Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Alabama and Michigan, Michigan State, and them Ohio State Buckeyes!? Hell, Michigan got lucky to even be playing a ranked team and on new years day- I pray they handle business, the kicker makes a damn field goal, and defense makes the necessary blocks. Michigan state may just give Bama a good run if Bama's defense doesn't plow them over. And since Ohio State's QB is healthy and hyped up from last year's Rosebowl win, I'm sure he is gonna come to play and throw some key passes against the Ark Razors. I want the Big Ten to come out strong, but I just don't see myself rooting for Ohio State, at all. Haha who knows. I used to think I'd rather be thrown naked against a rusty nail, but I still respect the buckeyes and it's gonna be a good game. Let's get it.