Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One's Legacy...finding the HAPPY

I have a motto that I truly believe in: "when you try really hard not to be something or someone, chances are, you are most like that something or someone...or perhaps you see that you are going in that direction."  PAUSE.  Funny...the other day, a friend of mine asked me "why do you seem so mad at the world lately?"  I was caught SO OFF GUARD!  To myself, I seem the opposite because I view myself as someone who is happy...I was also a bit offended, because I never want anyone to think of me like that.   But lately I have had alot on my mind and had been venting, and to him, that was sounding mad at the world.  Perhaps, during recent times, I have been so honest and real about how I have felt, that I seemed "mad."   My point is, I should have reflected on my feelings first and then spoken up.   I want to leave a legacy that is known as kind and loving, and not mad.   Further, to me, being mad is a secondary emotion...and I have realized that my recent feelings stem from a sadness and frustration.  Frustration that I am not in my life where I want to be yet, and that I do not have all the people in my life that I want and love in it right now...but that's fine, because this is how it is supposed to be.  To get to your HAPPY, you must go thru the fire first. 

Have any of yall ever found yourself trying not to be something or someone, that you realized that that something or someone was a part of you?   Just wondering....

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