Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sometimes what's best for us terrifies us the most...

I have always felt this, but I have felt it the most lately. Most of us don't realize this when it happens and it is time to: you know what keeps most people from being great and reaching their full potential? THEMSELVES. I know this seems so obvious and clear, and most of us know we are not lazy and are hard workers, but this is something that subconsciously happens to us all. I am realizing this now, and am still struggling on how to get past it...there is so much I wanna do with my life and I have all these conflicting emotions. I feel like time is running out and that I don't know what are the best decisions for me. But you know what? No matter how long I do or don't sit on my butt thinking about all this, time goes on no matter what. It is time for action.......I'm going in, who is with me!? It is time for us to be great y'all! Peace n love.  Deuces.


  1. I couldn't agree more with your comment. It is unfortunate that people often lose sight of potential opportunities that present themselves (I probably should get off my ass too!) Although we as individuals can hinder ourselves, I feel that a lot of times, personal growth requires us to surround ourselves with like-minded people who challenge us to reach our full potential. Without people to hold us accountable, we in essence never realize our full potential, and we may never feel obligated to push ourselves to the next level. Even though you point out that a person preventing themselves from achieving at a higher level does seem to be obvious and clear, I wonder if everyone around you tells you that you're doing fine, would it be that much harder to push through to get to the next level? Just a thought...but I'm definitely going in with you to be great. Ha.

  2. I'm going too..if time is flying for you then it's definitely flying for me. I'm married with a kid, lol!

    Let's do it! This is the year of accountability!

  3. To Christian: Sorry for my delayed response, sir. Yes, personal growth definitely requires surrounding yourself with those who will push and drive you. Often, the people who do that are those who have known us a while or our family members. As we get older, we must recognize that oftentimes, those who hate on us the most or are jealous of us the most, are those closest to us (some friends, etc.) and we must watch a lot more people and cannot trust everyone. Most people do not hold us accountable, because they either want to see us fail, or do not want to see us do better than them just yet. It is sad, but true, and it is within us as humans. Thus, it is our job to drive OURSELVES from within and do our damn best to learn how those around us truly are. And yes, sometimes people tell us that we are doing fine and we become comfortable with where we are. That is usually their way of letting us know that they are proud of us and that being great and reaching our potential takes time, patience, and humility. However, be cognizant of the bullshit and those who are inadvertently trying to bring you down!