Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Persuasion Can Build a Nation...

Every man needs his Queen...I've noticed something: more women these days, in my generation, do not want to and/or are not getting married or they are not in relationships.   Call me old-fashioned, but I never imagined that I would make it to my mid-20s and not be married with a family.  I love my life, but sometimes this mess is for the damn birds.  Don't get me wrong, it is men of my generation too...less and less of us are getting married, and then choose to focus on careers and dating.  Datin is fun...(*dreaming about a boo...*)...pause...oops, sorry, I dwifted for a second, I'm back. 

I keep trying to figure it out, but alas, I am stuck.  Aw least my parents taught me how to be domestic too.  I mean shit, Beyonce, I love you boo...but all the single ladies is not what's up forever suga foot.   Sigh...I guess my question is this ---- today, is it about marriage and family, or the boos and/or boo thangs?  Boyfriends are fun!  ha...


  1. This reads very much like a sex and the city question spiced up with some slang. Which episode from sex in the city did you borrow this question from? Second question, are happy endings tied to marriage in the 21st century if so why?

  2. Hahaha, not from a Sexy n the City episode at all, straight from The Boss and just thoughts from my mind.
    However, I do see how one could think that it kind of reads in such a manner. That should answer ya first question :)
    Second, I do think that "happy endings" are tied to marriages nowadays - however, I would not use the word "ending." To me, marriage would be a new beginning...I see plenty of happy married couples who want what most would call "traditional." I think some people are caught up in being "independent" and not needing a man or woman, that they lose sight of other important things in life, and playing roles that fundamentally, have not changed since the beginning of time. I just think, if you want it all and strive for it, it is probably attainable. Just food for thought. Thanks for writing on my blog! Leggo!

  3. I did get the title from Beyonce tho ;) SHOUT OUT

  4. That's an interesting perspective. I don't necessarily agree with gender roles, in the manner you might be implying when you say traditional and fundamental; however I agree, marriage should be seen as a new beginning and I think a person should count their blessings if they are able to; find someone in whom they can trust, grow and love and will return all three for a lifetime. I can sympathize with the independent thing especially if you (as a person) have found a passion and are actively pursuing that passion and maybe aren't in the right place to find "love". I think the person or people who pretend to enjoy loneliness are either lying or delusional, or both. Everybody needs somebody to love.


  5. I completely agree with the comment that all need somebody to love- it's such a rich and wonderful feeling. Also, I didn't intentionally tap into traditional gender roles, but I suppose that I do believe in a few, such as the man wanting to feel needed and wanted by a woman for support and protection. But heck, as a woman, I want that's just different for men and women. I guess my point is- although I am on the path to more success and professional greatness (smile and wink), sharing it with another will make it so much more fun...and we can make out hahaha. Ya dig

  6. On the more success path, tell me where do you see that path going, are you going to be "Bossing" people around, ya dig, or are you going to be yellow bottle sippin, yep yep, gettin more money people get 10 years in 2 days?