Thursday, January 13, 2011

Rich Rod, you are out of here...Do the Hokey Pokey?

Many people have long awaited the demise of Rich Rod, and I think Michigan did it tastefully and professionally...F I N A L L Y.  Rich was never a true Michigan man, and he just couldn't cut the cake.  Also, there was not much respect for him, on and off the field. 3 years of embarrassment was enough - all these factors together killed the team.  Nice try, Rich.

This is NOT to say that I am going to start doing the hokey pokey just yet!  I need to see some defense and kickers making field goals -- it looks like D Rob is going to stay...Oh Lord, please let him stay with Michigan because he brings hope and excitement for better years...I just hope players do not start dropping like flies, then the poor man is going to have to rebuild an entire team (well, he has to anyway, I suppose)...hmmm, I just want the morale of Michigan football to come back to its highest, because these past years have been really sad for true Wolverines.  

Side note: did anyone see that Ohio State/Michigan bball game?!  Really, c'mon Michigan!  We can't catch a break with these rivalry games...I  miss the old days, let's bring em back!

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  1. Denard Robinson is staying with Michigan and wants to see what Brady Hoke and him can do together, and get a Wolverine education. Cannot wait for September 2011!