Monday, January 24, 2011

Bamboozled and hoodwinked

Bamboozled and Hoodwinked - phrase that can used as an adjective or verb.  Definition: when one is lead to believe that he or she is hanging with someone normal and cool, when the reality is that the other person is crazy as hell.  

Ladies and Gents - ever meet a person, date em or hang with him...and then later on "find out" that the person is crazy and/or lame as hell????  A friend of mine had this situation happen to her ( I have to )...but her particular situation is quite hilarious and sad, because the dude KEEPS talking to other people about it, is still sad and mad, blasts her on twitter...and it's been like 8, 9 months!  His thing is this - she played him and did him wrong.  Dude, you two were only dating for like 3.4 minutes, stop trippin.  Granted, they were spending a LOT of time together...but she's not mad anymore, why are you? it is annoying finding out that he is still telling people about it. 

Here is the thing ---> most people show signs of being crazy or lame within the first or first few encounters, but people CHOOSE TO IGNORE THEM because we call it "cute" or ooooo he/she likes me.  Fuck all that.   I am not placing the blame on my friend by all means, but she could have avoided a little bit of the craziness if she dipped out sooner.   HOWEVER, she was also bamboozled and hoodwinked.  This happens when a person appears to be normal and acts normal, but is doing some crazy ass mess behind your back, like driving by your house at night.  Where this fool messed up...he told her other friend...I don't understand this.  What is driving by her apartment at night going to do FOR YOU!?!? C'mon dude...and then he was lying about other girls trying to talk to him, SHOWED UP at her graduation when she pretty much said NOT TO COME...smh smh...

Lessons to be learned: Please pay attention to what people say and do around you.  If he/shows up when you ask them not to, this is NOT cute, this is NOT nice - this is probably crazy.   If you have only been dating a week and the other person is talking about killin someone for speaking to you - he or she is probably crazy as hell.  People always see the signs and choose to ignore them.  Men pretty much show us who they are off jump and women ignore it.  WOMEN - WE ARE NOT CAPTAIN SAVE A ---> it is not your job to help him - please pay attention to the signs and actions - they are there, they are there, they are there!

Don't get ya ass bamboozled and hoodwinked...

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