Friday, September 24, 2010 ya love it?

Curly or straight?  My hair stylist BEGGED me NOT to walk out the salon like this -- > lady, I truly do not give a f*ck.   Then, another woman proceeded to come over and give me some advertisement sch-peal (how you spell that?) on this new carotene conditioning treatment I should do to my hair to make it more manageable and softer.  They were so sweet about it, but really, I was/am annoyed with people trying to get me to do something to change the texture of my hair!  It is manageable, to me. 

I have been getting a lot of comments on my hair because it is BONE straight --> thank you, thank you, I do appreciate the comments.  But it is interesting to me, how I get more comments on my hair when it is straight (from people of all races), than when it is curly.   Who else has gone through this?   It has taken me YEAARRRSS to be comfortable with my hair both ways and to be able to appropriately manage my hair without feeling like I have to straighten it all the damn time....I...I...well, before I comment further, I want to see what you all have to say.   :-)  Peace.


  1. Foo, you know what I'm getting at! But, thank you. What's your hair game lookin like? I'm starting to like Carol's Daughter curly hair products. Keeps the hair soft and manageable without no damn treatments. Once you find a good product, stick with it. And ladies, stay away from sulfate or any alcohol or sulfuric products in your shampoos and/or conditioners. Read the back, or ya head gon be itchin like a maaaaafuc.....ya feel me! Muah!

  2. And always preserve the mad I quoted PD. Whamp.

  3. liz a.k.a boriqua chicaJanuary 27, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    Its nice to be able to have a choice. Curly or straight rock em both and be hot while doing it..... not everyone can pull that off ...naturally lol
    P.s. moroccan oil is tha shit and good for all hair types :)
    <3 ya nicole