Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stop hatin on my scrunchie, biiiiiitch

Ok, I see mfs got JOKES about me rockin the scrunchie on my wrist in my "why so mad" video.  First of all, pound sand.  haha...second of all! Scrunchies are good for your hair because they don't pull at it or potentially rip any of it out!!!  And ya know, gotta keep the hair game on point.  So blah blah blah, I don't see nobody, I don't see nobody -- LIGHTS OUT!!!!


  1. OMG!!!! I feel the same way!! I rock the one you gave me. I guess i'm not supposed to wear it in public? My girls here hate it, lol. I put my hair in a side pony with the scrunchie on out at a bar just to make a point. But yeah, it is good for the hair!!!

  2. POINT IS - ladies, don't be afraid of a scrunchie.

  3. Ahh ha hahaha that's hilaaarrious...tell those girls to suck wind. I surely did walk out in public with my scrunchie on my wrist the other day, and the other day...and the other day...rocked a HIGH PONYTAIL with the white scrunchie and didn't give not one damn - you can't!