Monday, October 11, 2010

Quick Work Out Tips

WARNING: I am NOT an expert; however, I have worked at gyms, played sports, and learned some thangs over the years - these are just my opinions though...they just all happen to be right (grin). 

So, I am learning that I really do not like gyms where I've trained that just do the same thing over and over again - you gotta add variety and get classes in that focus also on agility and keepin ya heart rate up - do some sprints.  If I see one more girl on one of those eliptical things, I'll scream...haha.  I just started up boxing again and love it...sprints, suicides, up-downs...push-ups in between drills and a crazy ab work out - I love it also because the trainer does not go easy on any of us, but he also teaches.   Anyway, point is - if you want a good work that will give you results, give you tone, and also be fun at the same time - find a place that focuses on more athletic work outs, with agility and speed training, and that also has a gym for the more traditional work outs (weights, treadmills, etc.).   Unfortunately...or hell, maybe fortunately...ladies, these atmospheres are mostly male-dominated, but do not be intimidated.   But shoot, let's face it, that's a good break sometimes...'cause frankly, females get on my damn nerves sometimes.  Admit it, ladies...anyway...that's all.  Deuces. :-)

"My way of joking is to tell the truth. That's the funniest joke in the world." ~ Muhammad Ali

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