Monday, October 4, 2010


Weekend is over - time to get at some college football.  Seriously, I'm kind of mad at Michigan's defense right now, but you know what, it does feel damn good to see Michigan in the headlines again and on the main screen on

We got MSU this weekend and they are lookin pretty good, even in the absence of their coach (hope he does get well soon - he was just released from the hospital).  So, with that said, MSU's offense against our defense could present a problem!!!!  Step it up Michgan - we are a hard-hitting and tackling power house.  Don't embarass all the people who just spent millions on that beautiful stadium!!! KEEP IT UP AND LET'S GET IT...cause I will act a plum coon fool if we lose to MSU on some dummy mess.  Love Michigan, let's go!

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